Access to streams 

The online broadcast of the first investment forum at the initiative of the President of Ukraine will be held on Friday, October 29 from Mariupol.

There will be flows from the main site, press zone and filming groups around the city available in Ukrainian and English.

Main site

Ukrainian: rtmp://
English: rtmp://

Press zone

Ukrainian: rtmp://
English: rtmp://

Mobile fiming groups around the city

This broadcast can be received from the CCU

Technical details

Signal format: H.264, HD 1920*1080, Embedded SDI
The footage from the forum will be accessible on FTP. By the following parameters:
login: mariupol
pass: OcT2610


In general questions, registration, participation, please contact us:

In matters of media questions, please contact us:

In matters of logistics and transporatation question, please contact us:

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